HR Smith

This manufacturer supplies antennas, electrostatic dischargers, emergency location ELT's, personal locator beacons, and homing systems.

A full range of antennas can be supplied including wide band, multi-mode switched VHF/UHF antennas and associated passive and active couplers, filters, logic converter units and conductive sealing gaskets in the low frequency (LF) to Microwave Bands.

Products include conformal antennas such as VOR/LOC cavity antennas and advanced conformal electronically steered arrarys designed to be integrated within the aircraft structure.

HR Smith has developed revolutionary advanced electrostatic dischargers. These electrostatic dischargers
bullet1 are of all composite construction
bullet1 are lightning strike resistant
bullet1 are improved noise quietening

Information Pamphlets:
Emergency Locator Transmitter 503 Series
Full NVIS Compatibility S. A. R. Homing System Series 406-2-053