This manufacturer supplies speed and torque probes, thermocouples, pressure transducers, and indicators that are both analog and digital.

Speed and torque probes: Weston is an expert at developing these probes that have outstanding reliability and generate a given output voltage, often from multiple channels, under the most severe space constraints and temperature extremes.

Thermocouples: Weston supply the world's leading gas turbine manufacturers with temperature sensors and associated products. Designed to operate in the most demanding environments, they deliver outstanding reliability.

Pressure Transducers: With over 60 years of development, the Weston Aerospace vibrating cylinder absolute pressure transducer is truly the standard against which others are judged. Companies from all over the world use our transducers for product testing and over 70 commercial and military aircraft types depend on them as a critical part of their primary flight systems.

Indicators: Available for the measurement of most electrical quantities, Weston indicators can be supplied with integral electronic signal conditioning to interface with sensors and other devices to display parameters such as temperature, pressure, torque and speed. Weston also manufacture and support a wide range of 'older style' analogue cockpit instruments.